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Meine musikalischen Vorlieben sind sehr sehr vielfältig, Beispiele von Bands und ausgewählten Songs werd ich hier mal aufführen und ab und an ergänzen

(ACHTUNG: Das ist nur ein kleiner Auszug  ohne Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit )



"Winter Dreams", "Can't Stand The Night", "Heaven Is Hell", "Midnight Mover", "Rebel", "Balls To The Wall", "Metal Heart"

Adams, Bryan

"Heaven", "Summer of '69", "Rebel"


"Forever Young", "Big In Japan", "Romeos", "Lassie Come Home", "Dance With Me", "Red Rose", "Ariana", "The Impossible Dream", "Fools", "Ivory Tower", "Euphoria", "Apollo", "New Horizons", "Monkey In The Moon"

Armatrading, Joan

"Drop The Pilot"


"Nemm mich met", "Kristallnaach", "Jraaduss", "Alexandra", "Dir allein"

Barclay James Harvest

"Hymn", "Life Is For Living", "Medicine Man", "Poor Man's Moody Blues", "Nova"

Bee Gees

"Lamplights", "Message To You", "Saved By The Bell"


"Prickle-eye Bush", "Jordan"

Benatar, Pat

"We belong"

Bierfiedler / Die Sieben Leben

"Und nichts nachher", "Liebesschluss", Löhrstraße", "Heil nach Hause", "Der nächste Dampfer", "Wuppertal", "Längst nicht daheim", "Lustig Lustig", "Drei Zigeuner", "Creuza de Mä", "Ännchen von Tharau", "Weit war der Weg", "Bevor", "Lina Lina", "Tote Blumen", "Schweinfurt", "Fernweh in Plüsch", "Komm nicht näher", "Jeder weiß Bescheid", "Gerne sehn", "Wenigstens", "Black Muddy River"

Big Country

"Ships", "Eiledon", "Inwards", "The Storm", "The Red Fox", "Look Away", "1000 Stars", "Chance", "13 Valleys", "We're Not In Kansas", "John Wayne's Dream", "Come Back To Me", "Driving To Damaskus", "Your Spirit To Me"

Blackmore's Night

"Shadow Of The Moon", "The Clock Ticks On", "Fires At Midnight", "Home Again", "Renaissance Fair", "Past Time With Good Company"

Bon Jovi

"Dry County", "Blood On Blood", "I Want You", "Living In Sin"


"You Make Me Feel"


"Turn Away", "The Solution", "Tell her That I Love Her", "Warriors Son", "We Are No Men", "My Friend, My Friend", "The Triangle Fire", "Over The Border"

Buggles, The

"Video Killed The Radio Star"

Burgh, Chris de

"Spaceman Came Traveling", "The Tower", "Transmission Ends", "Ship To Shore", "Revolution", "Where Peaceful Waters Flow", "Last Night", "The Same Sun", "Spanish Train", "Diamond In The Dark", "Snow Is Falling", "Lebanese Night", "Borderline", "Don't Pay The Ferryman", "The Head And The Heart"


"Stranger Thoughts", "Neighbours", "The Great Commandment"

Cheap Trick

"The Flame"


"Mouthful Of Shit", "Timebomb", "Enough Is Enough", "Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire", "Look, No Strings", "Georgina", "On The Day The Nazi Died", "Give The Anarchist A Cigarette", "We Don't Go To God's House Anymore"

Clash, The

"Should I Stay Or Should I Go", "Spanish Bombs", "Guns Of Brixton", "Rock The Casbah", "Somebody Got Murdered", "Police On My Back", "London Calling", "Lost In The Supermarket", "I Fought The Law", "Bankrobber"

Clegg, Johnny

"Dela", "Asimbonanga", "One (Hu)'Man One Vote", "The Crossing", "Take My Heart Away", "I Call Your Name"

Childs, Toni

"Stop Your Fussin'", "Simbabwe"

Cock Robin

"When Your Heart Is Weak", "Just Around The Corner"

Cockburn, Bruce

"Lovers In A Dangerous Time", "Nicaragua", "Santiago Dawn"

Collective Soul

"Shine", "Hollywood", "Tremble Of My Beloved", "Needs", "Wasting Time", "Burning Bridges", "All That I Know", "Under Heaven's Skies", "Crown", "Adored"

Cooper, Alice

"Might As Well Be On Mars", "Poison", "School's Out"

Cowboy Junkies

"Misguided Angel", "200 More Miles", "Sweet Jane", "Blue Moon Revisited"

Crow, Sheryl

"Run Baby Run"

Daltrey, Roger

"After The Fire", "Under A Raging Moon", "Rebel"

Deine Lakaien

"Colour-Ize", "Dark Star", "Reincarnation", "Love Me To The End", "Cupid's Disease", "Return", "Wunderbar", "Prayer", "Slowly Comes My Night", "Over And Done", "Dialectic"

DeVille, Willy

"Carmelita", "Storybook Love", "Bamboo Road", "Spanish Harlem", "You Better Move On", "Loup Garou", "Still", "Mixed Up Shook Up Girl", "I Must Be Dreaming", "Each Word's A Beat Of My Heart", "Runnin' Through The Jungle"

Dire Straits

"Angel Of Mercy", "Telegraph Road", "Brothers In Arms", "Sultans Of Swing", "News", "Love Over Gold", "Private Investigations", "Once Upon A Time In The West", "Tunnel Of Love", "Romeo And Juliet"

Dream Academy

"Life In A Northern Town"


"The Rare Old Times", "I'm A Rover", "Hand Me Down My Bible", "The Town I Loved So Well", "Rising Of The Moon"

Duo Sonnenschirm ;-)

"Billiges Vergnügen", "Castor und Fuchszilla", "Fahr Away", "Rentnerkaffeefahrt", "Kreuz des Südens", "Der Förster von Geithain", "Ich vergaß mehr", "John Maynard", "Zugroulette"

Duran Duran

"Wild Boys", "Rio", "Hungry Like A Wolf", "Save A Prayer", "(Reach Up For The) Sunrise", "Is There Something I Should Know", "New Moon On Monday"

Duval, Frank

"Lovers Will Survive", "Angel Of Mine", "Give Me Your Love", "Alaya"

Element Of Crime

"Vier Stunden vor Elbe 1", "Mehr als sie erlaubt", "Draußen hinterm Fenster", "Schwere See", "Wenn der Morgen graut", "Mit Dir allein", "Ohne Dich", "Nichts mehr wie es war", "Über Nacht", "Jetzt musst Du springen", "Seit der Himmel", "Alle vier Minuten", "Wann kommt der Wind", "Wenn der Winter kommt", "Straßenbahn des Todes", "Finger weg von meiner Paranoia", "Die letzte U-Bahn geht später"

Ely, Joe

"She Never Spoke Spanish To Me", "The Road Goes On Forever", "Whenever Kindness Fails", "All Just To Get To You", "Letter To Laredo", "Sleepless In Love", "I Will Lose My Life", "You're Workin' For The Man", "Gallo del Cielo", "My Eyes Got Lucky", "Fightin' For My Life", "Hard Luck Saint"


"Who's That Girl", "Love Is A Stranger", "Thorn In My Side", "When Tomorrow Comes", "Right By Your Side", "There Must Be An Angel", "Here Comes The Rain Again", "You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart"

Faithfull, Marianne

"Ballad Of Lucy Jordan", "Working Class Hero", "Broken English"

Fureys & Davey Arthur

"The Old Man", "Steal Away", "Mad Lady And Me", "Leaving Nancy", "My Father's House", "Gallipoli", "I Will Love You", "Goodnight Irene"

Fury In The Slaughterhouse

"Radio Orchid", "Things Like This", "Riding On A Dead Horse", "When I'm Dead And Gone", "Time To Wonder", "Kick It Out"

Gabriel, Peter

"Blood Of Eden", "Digging In The Dirt", "In Your Eyes", "Lay Your Hands On Me", "Come Talk To Me", "I Grieve", "Games Without Frontiers", "Shock The Monkey", "I Don't Remeber", "Here Comes The Flood"


"Herr Mannelig", "Vänner och Fränder", "Bläck"

Geldof, Bob

"This Is The World Calling", "I Cry Too", "Great Song Of Indifference"


"Carpet Crawlers", "Domino", "The Brazilian"

Glass Tiger

"Diamond Sun"

Great Big Sea

"When I'm Up", "The Night Pat Murphy Died", "General Taylor", "Fast As I Can", "The Old Black Rum", "Excursion Around The Bay", "Concerning Charlie Horse", "The Mermaid", "When I Am King"


"The Hunter"

Haavisto, Marko

"Paha Vaanii"

Haigis, Anne

"Kind der Sterne", "Geheime Zeichen", "Dancing In The Fire"

Hammond, Albert

"Free Electric Band", "Down By The River"

Harley, Steve




Henley, Don

"The Boys Of Summer", "The End Of The Innocence"


"So wie du", "Zum kleinen Tod", "Tequila", "Friedhofspolka", "Du Sack", "Königin der Schmerzen", "Tanzt an meinem Grab", "Who Stole The Kishka", "Raus"

Hoffmann, Klaus

"Kinder erkennen sich am Gang", "War's das?", "Die Tage der Ente", "Gerda", "Blinde Katharina", "Wenn Du liebst", "Bin ein Fremder", "Die Mittelmäßigkeit", "Estaminet", "Amsterdam", "Marieke", "Adieu Emile", "Salambo", "Die Männer meiner Mutter", "Der König der Kinder", "Heute rette ich die Welt", "Warum ein Junge bleibt"


"Graveyard Waltz", "Ordinary Lives", "Boys Of Summer", "One Too Many Nights", "Beat Up Guitar", "Where Do The Children Go", "Private Emotion", "South Ferry Road", "Washington's Day", "And We Danced"

I Muvrini

"A Voce Rivolta", "Sara", "Agnus Dei", "Di"

Inchtabokatables, The

"Palästina - Lied", "Tomatenfisch", "Paris"

Iron Maiden

"Run To The Hills"

Isaac, Chris

"Wicked Game"


"Halt mich nicht", "Mama", "Mein Mut", "Ich such' einen Traum", "Bring mir die Sonne"

Jett, Joan

"This Means War", "I Love Rock'n'Roll"

Joel, Billy

"Angry Young Man", "Piano Man", "Downeaster Alexa", "Pressure", "Everybody Loves You Now"

Johnson, Kevin

"Rock'n'Roll I Gave You All The Best Years Of My Life"


"Brüderchen, Schwesterchen", "Ostkreuz", "Fixstern", "Mensch Junge", "Montagfrüh"

Kunze, Heinz Rudolf

"Schutt und Asche", "Brennende Hände", "Wunderkinder", "Du wirst kleiner wenn du weinst", "Der schwere Mut", "Keine Angst", "der Abend vor dem Morgen danach", "Verraten und Verkauft", "Die offene See", "Eigentlich Nein", "Keine Umkehr mehr", "Akrobat", "Heul mit den Wölfen", "Gute Unterhaltung"

Latin Quarter

"Modern Times", "Radio Africa", "Eddie", "Truth About John", "Sandinista", "I (Together)", "Nomzamo", "Burn Again", "The Men Below", "Model Son", "After Maralinga", "Dominion", "Bitter To The South", "Phil Ochs", "More Than A Trace", "Like A Miracle"

Leningrad Cowboys

"Fat Bop Dollop", "Thru The Wire", "Leningrad", "Zastarovje"


"15 Years", "Hope Street", "Julie"

Lewie, Jona

"Stop The Cavalry"


"Pillar Of Davidson", "Lightning Crashes"

Lukather, Steve

"Hero With A 1000 Eyes"

Luna Luna

"Mond scheine", "Rattenfänger", "Sechzig Sekunden", "Deutsche Nacht", "Sehnsucht", "Rosa", "Sturmalarm", "Auf die Liebe", "Maskenball", "Hundeleben", "Irgendwann kommt der Sommer",  "Wenn ich tot bin... (sollst du tanzen)", "Der letzte macht die Türe zu", "Ich weiß nur eins", "September", "Ann - Kathrin", "Nur ein Lied"

Maahn, Wolf

"Deserteure", "Schiffe ohne Häfen", "Irgendwo in Deutschland", "Fieber", "Der Clown hat den Blues", Rosen im Asphalt", Wunder dieser Zeit", "Hallo Sehnsucht", "Wilde Pferde", "Nicht für Silber, nicht für Gold"

MacDonald, Amy

"This Is The Life", "Mr. Rock & Roll", "Run"

Mann, Manfred + Earth Band

"Mighty Quinn", "Going Underground", "Plessure And Pain", "Redemption Song", "Blinded By The Light", "Castles Burning", "SOS" (ja, der ABBA - Song ;-)), "Singing The Dolphin Through", "Angels At My Gate", "You Angel You", "Lies (All Through The 80's)", "Don't Kill It Carol", "Africa Suite"

Marshall, Amanda

"Let It Rain", "Fall From Grace"


"Toy Soldiers"

McLean, Don

"American Pie"

Meat Loaf

"Left In The Dark", "Blind As A Bat", "Anything For Love", "Testify", "Paradise By The Dashboard Light", "Bat Out Of Hell", "Alive", "Modern Girl", "Surf's Up", "Life Is A Lemon ...", "More Than You Deserve", "For Crying Out Loud", "I'm Gonna Love Her For Both Of Us", "Out Of The Frying Pan", "Couldn't Have Said It Better", "Did I Say That", "Not A Dry Eye In The House", "Amnesty Is Granted", "A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste"

Midnight Oil

"Beds Are Burning", "Forgotten Years", "Mountains Of Burma", "Put Down That Weapon", "Warakurna", "Bedlam Bridge"

Mike & The Mechanics

"Word Of Mouth", "The Living Years", "Silent Running", "Another Cup Of Coffee", "Everybody Gets A Second Chance"

Mission, The

"Like A Hurricane", "Wasteland", "Butterfly On A Wheel", "And The Dance Goes On", "severina", "Tower Of Strength", "Stay With Me", "Like A Child Again"

Moore, Gary

"Back On The Street", "Out In The Fields", "Military Man", "Empty Rooms", "Parisienne Walkaways", "The Loner", "Murder In The Skies", "Over The Hills And Far Away", "Wild Frontier", "After The War", "Friday On My Mind"

Morissette, Alanis



"Sleeping Sun", "Stargazer", "I Wish I Had An Angel", "Wishmaster", "Nemo"

Nova, Heather

"London Rain", "Doubled Up", "Ruby Red", "Let's Not Talk About Love", "Heart And Shoulder"


"Electricity", "Enola Gay", "Maid Of Orleans", "Genetic Engineering", "Telegraph", "Tesla Girls", "If You Leave", "Dream Of Me", "Stand Above Me", "(Forever) Live And Die"


"Gyöngyhaju Lany", "Babylon", "Ezüst esö", "Naplemente", "Fekete pillango", "Egy eletre szol", "Napot hoztam, csillagot", "Gammapolisz", "Egi vandor", "Minden könnycseppert kar", "Hajnali ocean", "Egi jel", "Holdvirag", "Segits nekem!"

Orbison, Roy

"I Drove All Night"


"Dancing As Fast As I Can", "Bury Me Standing", "Put Out The Lights", "Gone West", "Native Son", "Everywhere I Go", "Rise Above", "Blackwaterside", "Bells Of Rhymney", "Hal-an-Tow"

Pet Shop Boys

"Rent", "Suburbia", "Always On My Mind", "Heart", "It's A Sin", "Opportunities", "Two Divided By Zero", "King's Cross"

Pink Floyd

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond", "Wish You Were Here", "Brain Damage", "Comfortably Numb", "Coming Back To Life", "On The Turning Away", "Us And Them", "Marooned", "High Hopes", "Take It Back"


"Fiesta", "Young Ned Of The Hill", "Night Train To Lorca", "Navigator", "Dirty Old Town", "Thousands Are Sailing", "Streets Of Sorrow/Birmingham Six"


"Every Rose Has Its Thorn"


"Purple Rain"

Proclaimers, The

"Letter From America", "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)"


"Common People", "Disco 2000"

Reichel, Achim

"Regenballade", "Fliegende Pferde"

Reiser, Rio

"Wann", "Stiller Raum", "Herbst", "Träume", "Zwischen Null und Zero"


"Leaving New York", "Supernatural Superserious", "Houston", "Electron Blue", "Drive", "Man On The Moon", "Losing My Religion", "Orange Crush", "The One I Love", "Everybody Hurts"

Ridgeway, Stan



"Evelyn", "My Darling", "Religion", "Waiting For The Daylight", "Elephant Waltz", "Sweet Summer", "Sad Song", "The Last Good Bye", "Picture"


"Nur einmal noch", "Schlampenfieber", "Lass es regnen", "Kassengift", "Königin", "Herzensschöner", "Ich geh' auf Glas", "Kuss der Diebe", "Sanfter Verführer", "Der Moment", "Zu treu", "Weine nicht", "Wenn du jetzt aufgibst", "Ein anderes Gefühl von Schmerz", "Fütter deine Angst", "Septembergrau", "Mir muss es nicht gutgeh'n", "Es ist vorbei", "Sag doch", "Das Beste im Leben", "Augenblick", "Auch im Regen", "Ich hab genauso Angst wie du", "Etwas zerstört", "Wo bist du"

Roxy Music

"Oh Yeah!", "While My Heart Is Still Beating", "Both Ends Burnung", "More Than This", "Avalon", "Love Is The Drug"


"Ocean Road", "Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich", "Dance Called America", "The Wire", "Harvest Moon", "Stamping Ground", "The Message", "Big Sky", "The Engine Room"


"The Flyer", "Don't Be Late", "Wind Him Up", "On The Loose", "Scratching The Surface", "Humble Stance"

Seer, The

"Esmeraldas Story", "The Killing Fields", "Not Today, Not Tomorrow", "Ferryman", "No Reward", "Voice Of Eternity", "Across The Border", "Take A Walk With Me", "I Need The Energy"

Sharkey, Feargal

"A Good Heart"

Show Of Hands

"Crazy Boy", "Crow And The Cradle", "Are We Allright ", "Columbus", "Armadas", "Cousin Jack"


"Wo bist du", "Asyl im Paradies", "Panther im Sprung"

Simon, Paul

"You Can Call Me Al", "The Boy In The Bubble", "Graceland"

Simple Minds

"Don't You (Forget About Me)", "Belfast Child"

Sisters Of Mercy

"This Corrosion", "First And Last And Allways", "Detonation Boulevard", "Marian"


"My Oh My", "Run Runaway", "Myszterious Mizster Jones", "All Join Hands", "Still The Same"

Snow Patrol

"Chasing Cars"

Springsteen, Bruce

"The River", "Atlantic City", "Reason To Believe", "Johnny 99", "Because The Night", "Candy's Room", "Factory", "The Promised Land", "Independence Day", "Last To Die", "Radio Nowhere", "American Skin (41 Shots)", "Born To Run", "No Surrender", "Brilliant Disguise", "Tougher Than The Rest", "Cadillac Ranch", "Youngstown", "Badlands", "Outlaw Pete", "My Lucky Day", "The Last Carnival"


"We Built The City"

Stevens, Cat

"Moonshadow", "Father And Son", Morning Has Broken", "Another Saturday Night", "Lady d'Arbanville"


"China In Your Hand", "I Will Be With You", "Friends Like These"

Talk Talk

"It's My Life", "Such A Shame"

The Men They Couldn't Hang

"The Colours", "Ironmasters", "Ride Again", "Industrial Town", "You're The One", "A Map Of Marocco", "Green Fields Of France"

Thomas, Rob

"Lonely No More", "Little Wonders"

Ton Steine Scherben

"Bist du's", "Land in Sicht", "Wo sind wir jetzt", "Der Traum ist aus", "Keine Macht für Niemand", "Jenseits von Eden"

Townshend, Pete

"Give Blood"


"Pride", "Bullet The Blue Sky", "With Or Without You", "All I Want Is You", "Red Hill Mining Town", "Mothers Of The Disappeared"


"Hymn", "The Voice", "One Small Day", "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes", "All Fall Down", "Sleepwalk", "All In One Day", "Love's A Great Adventure", "Vienna", "Mine For Life", "Lament"

Ure, Midge

"Cold Cold Heart", "Breathe", "No Regrets", "Beneath A Spielberg Sky"

Van Halen

"Jump", "Why Can't This Be Love", "Love Walks In", "5150"

Vega, Ray

"Ordinary World"


"The Light Will Stay On", "Rebecca Wild", "Bordertown", "Train To Mercy", "Jack Candy"

Waters, Roger

"Perfect Sense"


"Tausend Tode", "Herbstlied", "Schöner lügen", "Zeit der Irren und Idioten", "Sauflied", "Die ich liebe"

Whisky Priests

"The Hard Men", "When The Wind Blows Billy Boy", "The Colliery", "Dol-Li-A", "Grandfatha's Fatha", "Shot At Dawn", "Workhorse", "Farewell Jobling", "Alice In Wonderland", "Going To The Mine", "Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her"

Who, The

"Baba O'Riley"


"Owner Of A Lonely Heart", "And You And I", "Wonderous Stories", "Heart Of The Sunrise"

Young, Paul

"Come Back And Stay", "Love Of The Common People"

Zevon, Warren

"Carmelita", "Lawyers, Guns And Money", "Splended Isolation", "Searching For A Heart"

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